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sorry i haven't been active on here lately
i'm just taking a small break

i wanna talk to you peeps
i'mma bit more active on skype

hit me up if you gotta skype
and want to chat it up 



Currently looking for an apprentice!!

Name: Bero Kaprelian
Age: 28
Height: 5'6
Species: flame person
Relationship Status: Single but NOT INTERESTED
Sexuality: Asexual

Likes: Calzones, fabrics, flowers, tea sets, sewing, spending time with his niece, lizards, sweets
Dislikes: annoying people, people with cat ears, water, dead things, people coming in and making
a mess in his shop, disorganized things, puns

Occupation: tailor and part time fashion designer

Personality: prideful, very confident, can be nice at times, caring, can be blunt, mean
Family: Aram and Fatima (parents) and Ikatz (brother)

Voice Claim: Elijah Wood

He is a flame person. Do not touch him unless you want your hands burned off

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DarkMagicTraffic Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
here yu go sorry if im a bit late…
ask-Gold Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015
im sorry for falling off the face of the earth
will u forgive me, my friend
(1 Reply)
Shana4270 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello yes
I heard you're looking for an apprentice (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Loljk //shot
Btw I've been craving for more of your artsy fartsy c: ))
(1 Reply)
Kenjisama Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthady sir~~
Ask-TheThylacine Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
Lame Q from Bernie to Bero))

The candle sheep crept up to Bero, smiling innocently as she casually cupped his face and leaned up, playfully getting too close for comfort like usual. "Hey again little flame," she hummed a whisper into his ear to further tease then pulled herself away after a moment. "So if I hadn't been a total pain in your fanny, what kind of dress would you have made me?" she asked curiously, prepared to get yelled at for one thing or another, wondering what his fashion sense for a woman was like.
Ask-Kitti Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  New member Student Traditional Artist
Q: Hey there, Bero is correct? I was hoping to make a sweater for...for a friend! -sweats nervously- B..but I have no idea how to...well even sew. Is there. Any chance I could pay you for a few lessons?...t-to get started...?
askFP Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015…
q: hey bero do you wanna get together and do something hot? B^) (get it bc fire... i'm trash)
but for real do you want to hang out sometime? 
Ask-TheThylacine Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015
Did my reply get to you? ;-;
Also would it be okay if I draw our flame headed duo?))
(1 Reply)
zigzaggin-goon Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015  Student General Artist
Heyyy Thanks for watching me on this account!
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MaryBerri Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hey you
do you maybe um

//sweats nervously

do you do, um


//sweating intensifies 
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